Windows 10 will Make a Completely New Start Menu


Windows 10 will Make a Completely New Start Menu

Many users of Windows 10 should love the new look.
Microsoft has announced major changes to Windows 10 that will affect the graphical user interface. Restyling will be subjected to the Start menu. The company even showed some animations to allow users to gauge how much they would be prone to Windows 10 changes.

The new look is sure to appeal to many Windows 10 users. Unfortunately, there are no tiles – neither will they remain part of the built-in applications such as Weather, News, Mail and Photos. Published images show new app icons, though old items are still on the menu.

For the most part, the tile interface has been removed from the menu; developers have left tiles for some applications, but have deprived them of the ability to change color, a feature that first appeared in Windows 8. If you currently use the tile interface for other applications, you can continue to do so, as the new Start menu will receive rounded-edge Fluent Design icons.

Although the upcoming changes to Windows 10 look very attractive, it is still unknown when developers intend to open it to a wide range of users. Microsoft’s new insider startup is likely to be available later this year, and regular users will be able to interact with it early next year.

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