Why do we Eat a Lot in Winter & How to Control it?


Why do we Eat a Lot in Winter & How to Control it?

Four simple reasons for quickly gaining extra pounds in cold weather and instructions for managing appetite.

In the summer, you can easily hold back from the next portion of fried meat or airy biscuit, but in the cold season, you allow yourself a belly holiday … No wonder that every year you meet spring with a significant gain. What are the causes of winter overeating and how to avoid them, says Mikhail Gavrilov , a psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences, the author of a patented technique for correcting eating behavior and weight loss, a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM, USA).

Desire to keep warm

The energy consumption, which is spent on heating in the winter, is significantly increased. Therefore, to do with a lightweight summer diet, alas, will not work. However, from the abundance of flour and fatty foods, it certainly will not become warmer. Your body will spend a lot of time and effort on its digestion and assimilation (and not this also requires energy). Want to keep warm, but still not get better? Consider the following: prevent long breaks between meals. In this case, there is a risk of loosening the balance of hormones that regulate the metabolic rate. In particular, this relates to the production of the hormone ghrelin. It increases in those who eat irregularly, allowing intervals between meals for more than 5 hours ─ this leads to a decrease in the rate of metabolic processes. By the way, WHO recommends eating fractionally – 4-5 times a day.

Be sure to: combine proteins, fats and carbohydrates in one meal. Fats provide you with energy, carbohydrates – a long feeling of satiety, proteins – maintain a good metabolic rate. (Read: 7 foods to warm in the cold )

Boredom and “no mood”

Cloudiness, changeable weather, shortening of a sunny day ─ such a bleak picture makes you sad. Even women with active lifestyles lend themselves to winter splin. And this is not only a way of life, but also a deficiency of vitamin D, which is encountered by up to 98% of the inhabitants of central Russia. Today it is known that this substance is involved in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter – dopamine, which has a stimulating effect. Low dopamine levels are associated with poor motivation, lack of energy, and problems with controlling emotions. It is no coincidence that seasonal “spleen” covers many in the fall and winter, when daylight hours are shortened and it is impossible to get a sufficient dose of vitamin D in the sun.

Vitamin D deficiency is often accompanied by so-called seasonal or emotional overeating. In this case, a person eats in order to get rid of boredom and loneliness, which is often the reason for gaining excess weight. That is why, before choosing the right weight loss plan for a person, it is not superfluous to check the level of vitamin D. How to make up its deficiency?

Take supplements. If you already have a deficiency of vitamin D, you can increase its level only with vitamins with therapeutic doses of the substance (they are much higher than preventive doses). In our country, the therapeutic dosages of vitamins D are very low – the Ministry of Health considers about 500 IU sufficient to correct a deficiency condition. American doctors have a different opinion. To correct such conditions, they use drugs with a dosage of about 205 thousand IU. And then, the correction takes several months. (Read: Vitamin D and Skin Aging )

Take a walk in sunny weather. Theoretically, deficiency of this vitamin can be prevented. For example, everyone knows the recommendations – 20 minutes in the sun a day with an open face and hands. But this advice is relevant only for sunny weather, and also if there is a natural greasy film on your face (and if you washed, applied SPF and went out to sunbathe, there will be no effect).

Spend a vacation in the southern latitudes. If vacation looms on the winter horizon, it is better to choose a tropical resort when visiting European sights and stock up on vitamin D. It is classified as fat-soluble and will be stored in the fat depot for some time (3-4 months, which is enough until warm days) .

Lack of vitamins and minerals

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In winter, many aggravated the so-called search nutritional behavior – there is a desire to eat everything in a row without much analysis. What is the reason for this? With a decrease in the amount of vitamins and micronutrients in imported fruits, vegetables and herbs.

By the amount of food your body will try to compensate for the lack of micronutrients it needs.

In this case, it will not be superfluous to pass tests for vitamins and minerals, thereby you will determine which substances you are missing. After that, the doctor will prescribe you dosages that will help compensate for this deficiency. And do not forget about the natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Partially (though not in full), you can get them with fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs. According to the recommendations of the American Association of Dietitians, about 750 grams should be eaten per day.

For company

An abundance of holidays, home feasts, gatherings in a cafe – in winter there are many reasons to gather at a richly laid table. Even if in ordinary life you learned to control the amount of food eaten, in a company it is much more difficult to do. Sometimes it’s not easy to resist the offers of an additional portion of delicious – “let me put you another bite” or outright manipulation – “I tried so hard to cook”. In this case, your task will be to learn how to choose the right food and the ability to clearly say “no” (practice in front of the mirror – you will probably succeed). What actions to reinforce?

Come up with an explanation in advance. Is it difficult for you to refuse someone to resist manipulation? Refer to your cosmetologist who recommended you eat for anti-aging ─ to maintain complexion and improve skin quality

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