Why Can’t you Lose Weight?

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Why Can’t you Lose Weight?

With the wrong approach, you should not expect a good result. We figured out why, even if you give up everything sweet, flour and high-calorie, the weight will still not go away.

Need to eat beautifully
You completely changed your diet: you stopped eating fatty and salty foods, refused red meat and switched to soybean sprouts, but still you are not losing weight. The fact is that you most likely did everything wrong. Many nutritionists say that in most cases today it is necessary to pay attention not so much to what you eat (of course, provided that you nevertheless follow some rules), but to how you eat. Let’s say you read that it’s most useful to eat apples at work, and then you take a juicy fruit with you to the office and chew it in front of the computer, annoying your colleagues with a crunch, and I think your brain that it would be better to have a chocolate muffin instead of an apple in your hands.

Thus, you focus on the benefits of the product, which is not sufficient motivation to switch to proper nutrition, and not on its taste or external qualities, which are of the greatest importance. When dieting, it’s important not only to give up bad eating habits, but to really love healthy food. Here, lessons from food bloggers will help you, which even turn a simple salad sheet into something you want.

Be realistic
If you feel that you can’t completely give up sweets, do not suffer, allow yourself once a week to eat a piece of your favorite cake or a portion of ice cream. It’s good to think that from Monday you will easily switch to a healthy, but not typical way of eating, but in fact this just doesn’t happen.

Do not divide food into “bad” and “good”
The biggest mistake – these eat a lot, but exceptionally good and “non-nutritious” food. In everything you need to know the measure. Eat the “right” berries and the blood sugar level starts going off the scale, tons of avocados will cause you to not have time to burn all the calories received ( see also: “Why is a burger sometimes better than an avocado” ). The main thing is to know in all measure.

Set daily goals
Most losing weight formulate their goals like this: “Lose weight by 10 kg in 5 weeks”, “Get into the jeans that I wore in grade 10”, “Lose weight to the size of my girlfriend.” Which is categorically wrong. All these goals are aimed at the result, which can not be seen immediately. Not seeing the changes, we quickly give up and lose all desire to continue the just cause. To achieve the desired result, you need to properly motivate yourself. Set one long-term goal, let it be unfortunate jeans from grade 10, but break the path to this dream into small tasks, the implementation of which will lead to success. For example, do not eat bread all Monday, dine with salad, run 5 times around the house tomorrow, eat yogurt for breakfast. So you will see that everything is going according to plan, and a sense of pride perfectly motivates.

Find the right way
It is a mistake to think that diets are suitable for everyone, without exception, and if your girlfriend has lost weight by eating only the sun’s rays, then this will help you. One needs a balanced diet and more sleep, another needs a protein diet and nights at the gym – everything is very individual, so first of all, before you decide to lose weight, listen to yourself and make an appointment with a nutritionist

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