What is a Cushion and How to use it Correctly?


What is a Cushion and How to use it Correctly?

Every six seconds, one cushion product is sold in Korea, and more than a third of Korean women are literally in love with this product. Everything is calmer with us, but the army of such funds is growing every day and is also actively gaining popularity. We will understand what a cushion is, and why it should be in a cosmetic bag.

The word itself is translated from French as “pillow”. This is primarily about the packaging of one or another beauty product. Inside the case there is always a porous sponge impregnated directly with tone, concealer or blush. When you press the sponge with the applicator, just as much money is allocated from it as necessary – no more, no less. Thus, the hands remain completely clean, since you do not even touch the product with your fingers, and the product itself remains sterile and is completely protected from bacteria and microorganisms.

Why do we Love Cushions?

This is a real find for those who value convenience and live in constant motion. Cushions are the exact opposite of bottles and tubes: they are so compact that they fit easily even in a clutch bag (not in any, of course, but still). They are easy to carry with you and it’s impossible to spill or smash, which means that everything is dirty. Moreover, they can be used on the go: just open the lid, push the applicator onto the sponge and tweak the makeup.

This is the product that can and should be layered. It can be applied again and again until you have the right coverage. Thus, control over the situation is completely in your hands. By the way, this tool can then be shaded with a brush or a beauty blender, if you need such third-party intervention.

If you want the skin to remain well hydrated throughout the day – a cushion to help you! Unlike powder, it does not dry the skin at all, and, as a rule, in the composition you can find many moisturizing components and water. In addition, most of these products come with SPF and enhance sun protection. Moreover, in some, this level of protection reaches 40 units (Aqua BB SPF40, 3 Lab).

Makeup made with the help of a cushion always looks natural and does not create a “mask” effect on the face. Even those who first pick up such a tool will not be able to leave stains and opaque spots on their faces.

Do not think that a cushion is always a tonal remedy. Today it is products for the eyes, lips and even cheeks. They are produced in soft tubes and contain the same “pillow”, which protects the hands and correctly doses the amount of the product. They look just as delicate on the face and are also easy to layering and blending.

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