Why am I so Hungry: What Happens when you Feel Hungry?


Why am I so Hungry: What Happens when you Feel Hungry?

We tell you what you need to know about hunger in order to curb it and take control.

The discovery of the hormone ghrelin, which is produced in the stomach and signals to the brain that you are hungry, took place just a couple of decades ago. Despite the short time by research standards, they managed to study it properly, and now scientists and doctors offer us several hypotheses regarding how and why hunger is born. Nutritionists, in turn, suggest using this information to understand if you really are hungry or eat, for example, from boredom, and adjust your diet and weight loss program.

The main types of hunger

Physiological hunger. The physiological feeling of hunger occurs in the stomach due to lack of food and is characterized by gradually increasing discomfort. Thus, there is rumbling in the abdomen, headache, weakness, increased sweating, and reduced blood sugar. Overweight people satisfy this need ahead of schedule. This kind of hunger can be tolerated. However, too long patience is harm to the body, because after it, for the sake of getting rid of hunger, a person eats everything in a row, as a result of which he is threatened with overeating, adding extra pounds and causing depression. With real hunger, it is not recommended to engage in a fight, it is better to lose this battle and quench it. Thus, try to increase the number of meals, but eat small portions.

Psychological hunger. Psychological hunger occurs in the head and manifests itself at the end of a meal. It is impossible to suppress hunger attacks due to emotions. They also impede the determination of saturation. B eloveku becomes difficult to know when to stop, so many people overeat. Psychological hunger is caused by some product – this is how addiction arises. After eating food, a person becomes ashamed of their actions. On the diet, some people allow themselves to replace the desired product with other dishes, but to get rid of psychological hunger will not work.

Forced hunger.Forced hunger is a terrible phenomenon that can affect a large group of people. Starving people do not have the means to prevent the need for food. For example, famine in Africa, which affected a huge number of residents.

Starvation. Each person independently decides whether he should adhere to such a principle. There are two types of starvation: absolute, in which a person completely refuses food, and relative, when he is malnourished. Without food, a person will be able to live no more than two months. There are situations where relative fasting can be beneficial. For example, fasting days during religious fasts. As for long-term fasting, it negatively affects the psyche, contributes to a change in the functioning of internal organs and a decrease in the functionality of the immune system. The consequences of fasting can be different and unexpected, so they better not get carried away.

Other types of hunger

TV hunger. Scientists have proven that a person who is watching a movie or other things while eating, consumes a greater number of calories than a simple meal, when a person focuses solely on food. To avoid overeating at such moments, try to take your hands in something and refuse to watch advertisements, as food stories will only aggravate the situation.

Hunger from boredom. If all the deeds are done, but there is nothing to do, then you should not pay attention to food. Try turning boredom into relaxation.

“Evil” hunger. When staying in a bitter state, the blood sugar level decreases and the level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone, increases. During such a famine, you want to eat sweets, but such a passion will adversely affect the figure. Prefer healthy carbohydrates. Berries, apples or kiwi will come to the rescue. They will increase sugar levels and suppress hunger.

“Nervous” hunger. In stressful situations, people often do not control what they eat. How to overcome this kind of hunger? There is one effective way – think about the benefits of the selected snack. So you can reprogram your brain. Try to refuse lunch and dinner during stress. There are other ways to deal with it. By the way, sports are perfect.

Visual hunger. It’s all about the eyes trying to trick the body and transmit deceptive signals to the brain. To avoid undesirable consequences from the eaten food, it is necessary to take a break before starting a meal. During this time, you can think it over.
Hunger “out of habit.” If you eat food at the same time every day, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that you really want to eat before the onset of the time at which you usually eat. This explains hunger by habit, which is programmed by the body. This is a plus, because you can not stray from the meal schedule. But if in the usual time you did not visit the feeling of hunger, then refuse food, and later return to it.

Night hunger. The causes of night hunger are still being studied. It is believed that it

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