Vitamin D Deficiency Triple the Risk of Premature Death


Vitamin D Deficiency Triple the Risk of Premature Death

At the same time, the authors of the study believe that they are especially vulnerable to this deficiency of diabetes. These are the results of a study involving 80,000 patients from Austria.

Lack of vitamin D in the body more than three times increases the risk of premature death, as the study showed. Its authors found that a decrease in the level of solar vitamin that our skin produces under the influence of rays is very strongly associated with the likelihood of early death from any cause. The study also showed that diabetic patients are at even higher risk of premature death if they lack vitamin D in their bodies. In particular, they die prematurely four and a half times more often with a lack of this vitamin.

Charities for diabetics have already stated that this study did not prove a causal relationship, that is, it does not claim that it is vitamin D deficiency that contributes to premature death. Researchers from the Vienna Central Hospital themselves analyzed case histories of about 80,000 diabetics of all ages who collected from 1991 to 2011. Then, mortality information was compared with national information for the same period. It turned out that patients with a vitamin D level of 10 nanomoles per liter, which is considered a serous deficiency, were two or three times more likely to die ahead of time for any reason.

It is noteworthy that a higher level of this vitamin (up to 90 nanomoles per liter) reduced the risk of death by 34% for any reason. However, among patients aged 75 years and older, no association between the level of this vitamin and the likelihood of death was found.

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