Why Sweets are Necessary for our Body

Sweets are Necessary for our body

Why Sweets are Necessary for our Body

Limiting yourself to sweets is not at all useful, even dangerous to your health. We will tell you why you need to include sugar-containing foods in your diet.

Increase your chances of getting pregnant
If your immediate plans for the future include happy motherhood, most likely doctors will advise you not to neglect vitamin E, it increases the likelihood of conception. And this vitamin is abundant, not only in sunflower oil, which you probably won’t want to drink with tablespoons, but also in halva quite pleasant to taste, especially home-made. So forget about the shops and go to the Sunday market, there you will find a wide variety of types of this oriental delicacy. And by the way, halva of its own production is much tastier than the store.

Relieve pain during menstruation
Have you ever noticed that before the start of critical days we just need to eat a chocolate bar or any other kind of sweet? It turns out, therefore, that the body signals a change in the level of hormones in the body. The magnesium contained in chocolate (50 grams is enough, where the daily norm of magnesium is contained) will help relieve pain in the lower abdomen, and the most common biscuit these days can increase the level of serotonin, a substance that affects our mood. By the way, the same applies to ice cream – it is perhaps able to alleviate painful sensations even faster than chocolate.

Provoke brain activity
Among the products that actively influence brain activity are sweets. In the first place, dark chocolate has firmly strengthened, namely dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa, and not milk chocolates, because milk chocolate, and even more so with the addition of nuts, are extra fats that will not let you concentrate and can make you slow and even a little inhibited . And certainly not white chocolate, which, to be honest, has nothing to do with chocolate at all. Therefore, if you have to brainstorm at work or study – stock up on bitter chocolate. By the way, it is also the most low-calorie, and it helps to cope with nervous tension. So such a dessert is an excellent assistant during a student session and putting the project at work.

Make you happy
For several years now, endless conversations have been going on about the hormone of happiness, but you did find it in the sweet! Sweets and chocolates help our body in large quantities to produce serotonin, the same hormone of happiness, which is responsible for a good mood, and also increases the level of endorphins, causing a feeling of pleasure or even some semblance of euphoria. In addition, chocolate, for example, is able to charge with energy, which is so necessary for us, especially when something goes wrong. Sugar is 99.9% carbohydrates, which means it is an ideal source of energy. These carbohydrates are fast fuel, they are utilized almost instantly. And the mood, as you know, is directly dependent on the energy in our body.


If you are a lover in the evening to drink not just empty tea with lemon, but also bite it with chocolate, you can most likely forget about illnesses in the winter. What is the matter? Everything is very simple! Including hot lemon drink in your diet, you get an excess of Vitamin C, and the smells of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon contribute to the production of immunoglobulin, a substance that is designed to be responsible in our body for protection against pathogenic bacteria, germs and viruses. So do not rush to deny yourself delicious, especially if you really want to. But do not forget that even in this kind of cold prevention you need to know the measure.

Prolong youth
Have you ever noticed that with age, craving for sweets gradually decreases? Very rarely you can meet the sweet tooth of advanced years. This is not a myth, but a real reality: the thing is that with the onset of menopause, the level of hormones of estrogen decreases, along with this, the craving for sweets in women weakens. And therefore, as scientists have proved, a person who allows himself to indulge from time to time with tasty food is much less susceptible to the withering process than all the others, not related to lovers of sweets, chocolate and other desserts. The magic power of sweets lies in antioxidants, which are found in large quantities in your favorite cakes and are actively fighting harmful free radicals in our body. The most powerful sources of antioxidants from sweets: honey, chocolate, prunes, raisins.

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