How to Survive After the Loss of a Loved One?

How to Survive After the death of loved one

How to Survive After the Loss of a Loved One?

Death is always a test, but when we face the loss of a loved one, our inner world turns upside down. Together with a psychologist, we figure out how to deal with grief.

The death of a loved one is a difficult test for the psyche of any person. Surviving this without stress is really impossible. No words of comfort at this moment simply do not work – a person is often left alone with his loss, experiencing the real grief in which he plunges with his head. Together with the psychologist Galina Yanko, we are analyzing a difficult question.

I think it’s worth starting with understanding – you have the right to emotions. You have the right to grieve and mourn the person close to you. Therefore, the most important thing to do is to give yourself time to survive the grief that has happened to you. You don’t need to tear anywhere, take the leave you have under the law for a while while you attend the funeral. But don’t stay too long at home. In this case, work is a unique way to salvation. It allows you to switch from negative thoughts to an ordinary office routine, which is a good distraction.

Try to be more public, to communicate with other family members and friends. You need their support now more than ever. You can talk to them, and they will listen to you. In your situation, this is most valuable, because any words of comfort said at this moment seem insufficient. But do not be offended by people, they say this for only one purpose – to support you.

Return to normal life gradually. Do not refuse invitations to visit, visit a cafe, take a walk. You should not deprive yourself of pleasures and give up your own life. On the contrary, you need to return to the real world and feel that life goes on. And there is nothing terrible in the fact that you allow yourself to be happy about something – many people, faced with a similar situation, feel guilty for allowing themselves pleasure, but this feeling must be stopped in the bud, otherwise there is a risk of staying with him forever ( See also: How to get rid of constant guilt ).

Load yourself with chores. The more classes we have, the less time for sad thoughts. Remember your hobbies, hobbies, start doing something new. A good option to get distracted is to start a repair, upgrade the interior of your home, change something in it. Many psychologists note that changes in the house contribute to a faster disposal of negative emotions from the baggage.

Pets have a good therapeutic effect on people who find themselves in a difficult emotional situation. If you do not have a pet yet, maybe the moment has come when this can be done. Custody of a small living creature will help you feel the taste of life and the warmth of emotions. If you are not yet ready to have a pet at home, you can consider other options – for example, take custody of an animal from a shelter, now many centers for the rehabilitation of cats and dogs require volunteers.

In the event that you feel that you can’t cope with the psychological stress on your own, it makes sense to turn to a competent specialist – the psychologist will tell you a behavior strategy and direct your negative emotions in the right direction.

The main thing is to remember that time really heals. Over time, the pain will subside, emotions and feelings will dull – this always happens. But the memory of your loved ones will forever remain with you, and this person will always be invisibly present in your life, in your thoughts and memories.

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