Sony Revealed DualSense – PlayStation 5 Gamepad


Sony Revealed DualSense – PlayStation 5 Gamepad

Sony introduced DualSense – the PlayStation 5 gamepad.

In October last year, the corporation said that the new gamepad will rely on innovative point vibration and the dynamic severity of pulling the trigger, but no one expected that in the end we would see such drastic changes in the design.

The Share button will change to Create;

The gamepad has a microphone for voice chat;

Reused internal battery;

The PlayStation button is now in the shape of the PlayStation logo;

The gamepad has a 3.5-inch headphone jack;

The light panel has been moved – now it is located on the sides of the touch panel;

The novelty is so different from its predecessors that Sony decided not to call it DualShock. At the same time, the design is final. He went through many iterations and tests for different groups of gamers with different hand sizes.

According to the manufacturer, DualSense will transfer players to the virtual world from the “first touch”, but at the same time it will feel like an organic “continuation” of the game.

And yes, the gamepad will be two-color – apparently, the PlayStation 5 will be made in a similar style.

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