Sony introduced PlayStation 5 Controller with Upgraded New Design


Sony introduced PlayStation 5 Controller with Upgraded New Design

The Japanese TechnoGiant has finally done what it has been waiting for – Sony has introduced a controller for the PlayStation 5 with a brand new design, called DualSense.

First, the gamepad has lost the Share button – instead of it, there will now be a Create button, which will be announced to us a little later. Secondly, the device differs markedly from the way DualShock’s appearance has evolved since its initial release – no wonder Sony has decided to give the new controller a brand new name.

By the way, the appearance of DualSense has caused a lot of jokes about this topic on the Internet – users first of all emphasize that this is what the “extramarital son of DualShock 4 and the gamepad from Xbox One” might look like.

As for the hardware capabilities of the novelty, the controller has a built-in array of microphones and new feedback technology, ie vibration. But more interestingly, the buttons L2 and R2 have a kind of “kickback” – that is, during the game, if your character will pull the string, you can feel it with your own hands.

Unfortunately, the company did not say anything about the date of the announcement of the console itself. But given that Sony has finally revealed the long-awaited DualSense, we can expect to see the PlayStation 5 very soon.

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