When you Really want Lowest-Calorie Fast Food


When you Really want Lowest-Calorie Fast Food

Classic fast food is certainly not the healthiest food. But what if the temptation is not resisted?

Healthy eating has become a real mainstream in the last few years, so fast food lovers have a hard time: a huge number of healthy alternatives appear in restaurant menus, but few of them can compete with traditional burgers, french fries, nuggets and other guilty pleasures. How to act when the craving for harm becomes insurmountable and the choice remains “from several evils”? We learned the tactics for action and options for the most harmless fast food dishes from anti-age expert, dietitian, general director of the Premium Aesthetics aesthetic medicine clinic Natalia Grigorieva.

Keep track of what you order and what
Pay attention to the combination of menu items that you order. French fries, burger and sweet soda are definitely not the best option. All these dishes have a high glycemic index. With them you will receive a shock dose of simple sugars, which will put a heavy load on the pancreas. Moreover, after eating such food you will want to eat in a couple of hours. So choose one thing: either a burger or potatoes. It is better to refuse soda.

If you have chosen a burger, then track its composition
Of course, it’s better to choose healthier burgers. It is desirable that the base was a bun made of cereal flour, and a lot of vegetables were present in the filling. Fiber in their composition will help to bind a certain amount of saturated fat, which is contained in a meat patty and sauce. If you can assemble your own burger yourself, discard too fatty sauces like ketchup and mayonnaise ( see also : “Five sauces for every day” ).

Salad – a universal option

As a rule, in any institution with fast food there are salads. Choose those options in which there is no meat, poultry or fish fried in batter. The calorie content of such salads due to such roasting increases three times. Ideal – baked or boiled meat. Now about sauces – they are usually served separately and make up about 60-70 calories of the total value of the dish. Eat salads without dressing or add olive oil to them.

Can fast food be relatively healthy?

Quite! These include various options for vegetable sticks, which are sold in many cafes. Another thing is that you are unlikely to get enough of them. If you are talking about a full meal, pay attention to the following dishes.

Shawarma and any of its options: vegetables, meat in pita bread and drink
E If prepare this dish according to the rules, it is quite able to replace a full meal – breakfast or dinner. The meat that is fried on a skewer does not contain excess fat, and the one that is in it quickly melts. A large number of vegetables containing fiber will be a great addition to animal proteins. And if you don’t add fatty sauces to the shawarma, you will get an excellent healthy lifestyle dish.

Wok Dishes

Fast-frying dishes are a completely healthy option of fast food, because all useful substances are stored in them. In addition, classic wok dishes are cooked without oil. By themselves, they turn out balanced: they have enough protein (meat, poultry, seafood, legumes), as well as vegetables (various root vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant). Wok with rice or buckwheat noodles is a good option for a snack. But if you want to lose weight, it’s better not to abuse such dishes ( read also : “Six” healthy “foods that are dangerous for the figure (and you eat them every day)” ).

Sushi, sashimi, rolls

These dishes may contain slightly more carbohydrates than nutritionists recommend for consumption, primarily due to boiled rice. But in general, they are balanced by BZHU and not too high in calories. The energy value of a serving is on average 150 – 300 kcal. The priority is cold rolls and sushi. But hot in batter and fried in oil is better not to buy.

Falafel and dishes based on them

Hearty fast food, which is suitable for vegetarians. Its basis is chickpeas – an excellent source of protein. Usually it is served in pita bread with vegetables, which is an excellent addition to protein dishes. Falafel can be cooked with a little tahini. Also do not forget about nuts and seeds, because they contain a large amount of healthy fats. However, remember that their overabundance also affects weight.

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