How to Prevent Hairs Turn Gray Due to Stress?


How to Prevent Hairs Turn Gray Due to Stress?

If you found silver hair after a hard day, you should not be scared, because stress is a well-known factor in premature graying. But to know why this is happening and how to prevent the processes associated with it will be very useful.

Hair graying is a characteristic feature of chronological aging, which is inherent in all people, regardless of their race and place of residence. However, very often, patients turn to specialists with the problem of premature graying of hair aged 25 to 30 years. The reason for this is stress. Together with Maya Zhmareva, cosmetologist and dermatovenerologist at the Austrian Verba Mayr Health Center, we decided to figure out how stress accelerates the process of gray hair and whether this can be avoided.

The essence of the problem
To begin with, we will understand why gray hair can appear if age-related changes in the body are not its cause:

Bad habits, mono-diets, lack of sleep and rest;
Autoimmune diseases (vitiligo, thyroid disease, premature aging syndromes);
Genetic predisposition;
X-ray radiation;
Ultraviolet radiation;
Nutrient deficiency (copper, iron, selenium, manganese, B vitamins, vitamins D3, A, C);
Abuse of hair bleaching, aggressive stains.

But a special place in the list of causes of premature graying of hair is occupied by stress factors. This fact is confirmed by more than one scientific study: for example, a team of scientists from Harvard University said that they were able to establish a clear connection between emotional tension and the appearance of gray hair. For a long time, it was assumed that stress accelerates the aging process – and from this, like the natural appearance of gray hair due to age-related changes, hair loses its color. An opinion was also expressed about a specific reaction to the stress of the immune system, which attacks itself. But the real reason for the appearance of gray hair due to stress turned out to be different ( see also : “How to adapt to stress if you cannot cope with it?” ).

Researchers have found that sometimes a strong nervous strain causes a “hit or run” reaction in the brain – it is inherent in both humans and animals. It is this reaction that acts on the sympathetic nervous system, which activates the stem cells responsible for hair color. Violation of the usual rhythm of stem cells leads to failure, in which they cease to work correctly. Moreover, the consequences of this imbalance are irreversible: the hair will always remain gray.

Try to minimize stress factors. If you know that you are definitely waiting for a psychologically difficult period, do not be too lazy to consult a doctor about taking sedative therapy (sedatives);

Visit a trichologist, endocrinologist and therapist to conduct a diagnosis to identify macro- and microelement deficiencies in your body.

As a prophylaxis of the premature appearance of gray hair, one should pay attention to special procedures – for example, mesotherapy and plasma therapy of the scalp. Massage of both the head itself and the cervical-collar zone will also help improve the general condition of the hairline. Together with a trichologist, you can choose the right care for your skin and hair type ( see also : “15 best serums for hair and scalp” ). Such a complex effect will help stop hair graying, maintain their health and beauty in a busy life period.

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