What Mineral Water can I Drink Every Day?


What Mineral Water can I Drink Every Day?

Not all water is equally healthy. Together with the expert, we figure out how to choose mineral water, whether it can be drunk every day and what mineral water can be given even to small children.

Man cannot exist without water. Doctors recommend drinking from two liters of water per day for the proper functioning of all body systems. But few people think about which water can be drunk every day, and which can be considered a real medicine, which should be used strictly on the recommendation of a doctor.

The easiest way to quench your thirst is with simple, purified tap water. Cleaning can be done using home filters or the factory method. Such water is sold under different brands and has the definition of “drinking water”. This product can be consumed every day in large quantities, but such water can bring benefits to the body only as part of the saturation of cells with liquid.

The second extreme is medicinal and medicinal-table mineral water. Healing mineral water is the most insidious thing. This may seem like the best choice, but in reality it is not at all. Although such water is not a medicine, only a doctor can recommend taking this or that type of healing mineral water. That’s because the mineral content in it is too high, from 10 g / l. Moreover, these minerals can have a very strong, and sometimes dangerous, effect – for example, radioactive radon.

Medical-table water contains from 1 to 10 g / l of salts. Such water is safe to take for any healthy person. But it is not worth drinking it every day and in small quantities.

But the healthiest and safest choice is table mineral water. So called purified water from natural sources. Such water is rich in minerals and salts, but their content is less than 1 g / l, so it can be drunk every day and in unlimited quantities. It is both useful and safe.

Under the guise of table mineral water, unscrupulous producers often hide ordinary drinking water. What to look for on the packaging of real mineral water?

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