Metabolic Syndrome or Why you are Gaining Weight?


Metabolic Syndrome or Why you are Gaining Weight?

Metabolic syndrome ─ the concept of the series “heard the ringing, but don’t know where it is”. We tell you what kind of trouble this is, how it prevents us from losing weight, and we are looking for effective ways to protect ourselves.

Excess weight is the scourge of the modern generation. There can be several reasons for “fattening” – genetics, hormonal imbalance, gastrointestinal problems, incorrect ─ or, speaking correctly ─ unhealthy lifestyle. But recently, doctors are increasingly voicing the same diagnosis – metabolic syndrome (aka insulin resistance syndrome).

We explain what it is. Due to an improper lifestyle and high-carbohydrate nutrition (hamburgers, candy rolls, chocolate bars), cells lose their ability to absorb insulin and, as a result, do not receive glucose (it is he who is responsible for its absorption). Both substances ─ insulin and glucose ─ accumulate in excess in the blood, not being able to “pass” into the cells. Over time, the imbalance intensifies and gives rise to a whole bunch of disorders: metabolic and hormonal. This leads to a deterioration in overall well-being: excess weight appears, shortness of breath manifests itself, pressure jumps, and headache often.

Today, metabolic syndrome, which is a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease, affects about 25% of Westerners.

In order to prevent such an outrage in the work of your body and not become a victim of the metabolic syndrome (or quickly get rid of it, if such a nuisance nevertheless happened), it is enough to follow simple rules.

Go for porridge and peas

The key to stabilizing weight and normalizing well-being is a balanced diet. Therefore, first of all, review the diet. Do not rush to extremes – “hungry” rigid diets will help only say goodbye to hated kilograms for a while, while doing great harm to the body. Do not forget to eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day, try to give preference to complex carbohydrates (cereals, legumes, whole grain bread, starchy vegetables): unlike simple carbohydrates, they provide a feeling of satiety for a long time and at the same time promote digestion. By the way, you will have to refuse the “protozoa”: it is the sweet and flour products containing them that become one of the main reasons for gaining excess weight.

Forget the elevator
Everyone understands how important physical activity is for good health. However, just motivation for regular visits to the fitness club is often not enough. It is easy to find a justification: the modern rhythm of life leaves no choice ─ free time is sorely lacking. But to speed up the metabolism, you have to sweat. Feel free to choose what you like best – yoga, walking (including Scandinavian ─ with sticks), swimming. Through “I can’t” try at least a couple of times a week to fully train for 1-1.5 hours. In extreme cases, abandon the car in favor of hiking and prefer the elevator to rise to the floor for your two.

Do not drink, do not smoke
They have repeatedly told the world that smoking and alcohol consumption are extremely detrimental to health. Alcohol-containing drinks are, in addition, extremely high-calorie foods. Quitting these habits can be extremely difficult. But keep in mind that it is they who provoke disruptions in the work of almost all internal systems, draining the body.

Calm down
Stress is another reason for the development of metabolic syndrome. Emotional depression, irritability and constant fatigue have a bad effect on blood pressure and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Almost every day we feel nervous overload ─ lost time in traffic jam, inappropriately left the house without an umbrella, quarreled with a colleague at the next table because of spilled coffee … Are these trifles worth the waste of valuable nerve cells? We are sure that you also think that the correct answer is ─ no. It is not antidepressants that help you fight stress, but soothing herbal teas, fresh air walks before bed, relaxing massages and breathing techniques.

Assistance with absentee arrest
If you do not just suspect yourself of a metabolic syndrome, but have heard this verdict from a doctor, it is better to deal with it under the supervision of professionals. It is important to treat the disease in person, and not just hit the weight with a detoxification course and dramatic weight loss (because this does not guarantee a complete and long-term separation with the size of XL). The doctor should choose a diet that provides for a gradual decrease in weight (norm ─ no more than 2-3 kg per week), and if necessary, prescribe medications.

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