How to Maintain a Diet without Harm to Health?


How to Maintain a Diet without Harm to Health?

Have compiled a list of the main dangers that lie in wait for us on the way to an ideal figure.

Hollywood, Kremlin, separate nutrition, raw food diet and blood type diet – the choice of diets today is so great that you can try a new nutrition system at least every week. Meanwhile, nutritionists caution – thoughtless experiments often not only fail, but also undermine health.

After choosing a diet, consult a doctor and find out all about its contraindications. Even the most ordinary, at first glance, dietary restrictions do not pass without a trace for our body. We found out what threatens us during diets more often and how to cope with it.

#1. Nutrient deficiency

When you radically change your diet, denying yourself a whole group of products, the body inevitably loses a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. With a long diet, this translates into weakness, loss of tone and deterioration of skin turgor. If you cannot take valuable ingredients from the “forbidden fruits”, look for their new source.

# 2 Protein deficiency

Protein is the main building material for cells and, ironically, its synthesis in the body is possible only with the help of amino acids that come with food. Protein is mainly found in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Needless to say, with vegetable and fruit diets, the lack of a valuable component of the diet makes itself felt: working capacity decreases, immunity deteriorates, muscle mass goes away. Overcome these difficulties will help balanced protein shakes.

# 3 Bad mood

Any diet is an inevitable stress for the body. In addition to denying yourself your favorite foods, you have to rebuild your diet and lifestyle. It is especially hard for those who are sitting on boring mono-diets and sweet tooth. Bottom line: irritation, loss of strength and depression. Do not forget to pamper yourself from time to time: sometimes dried fruits can replace sweets, and a slice of dark chocolate will complement breakfast.

#4. Dehydration

Unconsciously, we often confuse the feeling of hunger with thirst. With the help of this trick, our body protects itself, because a lack of fluid is much more dangerous than starvation. During the diet, try to drink as much clean water as possible: it will fill the stomach and uplift your mood. In order to determine the daily minimum fluid, proceed from the calculation of 30 ml of pure water per 1 kg of your weight.

#5. Loss of skin firmness

A few days of “hunger strike” do not pass, as the general condition of the skin deteriorates: it loses elasticity and a healthy color. The fact is that during diets the body lacks fats, which are necessary for the natural hydration of the skin and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A and E.

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