We can Lose Weight Fast in holiday tips by Nutrition

loss weight fast

We can Lose Weight Fast in holiday tips by Nutrition

The less time left before the holidays, the more you want to lose weight. How to throw 3-4 kilograms in a week to appear on a corporate party in a stunning outfit and get tons of compliments? How to save and increase this result? Answer nutrition experts

Step one: it all starts with water

First of all, it is important to understand that in a week or two you are unlikely to get rid of body fat. All that can and safely be done during this time is to remove excess water from the body. While how often we hear about the danger of dehydration and the need to moisturize the skin and hair, it is surprising that there is “extra” water. But it is important where exactly the body accumulates fluid. It is good when it is in the circulating blood. It is bad when it is in the internal organs and extracellular tissues – it is then that excess water leads to edema, extra centimeters and folds at the waist.

What to do about it? Paradoxically, the accumulation of fluid and swelling means that you drink too little water. But this does not mean that five liters of water per day will definitely help you get rid of extra centimeters. Grigory Manushakyan, a nutritionist and endocrinologist, member of the Moscow Association of Endocrinologists, proposes to calculate the required amount of fluid according to the following formula:
your weight X coefficient 30 = daily water norm (ml).
With a weight of 70 kg we multiply it by 30 and we get 2 100 ml – our daily norm of water.

So that the liquid does not linger in the body anywhere, Dr. Manushakyan recommends that the following foods be completely excluded from the diet: chips, salted peanuts, pickles and pickles, sauerkraut, lightly salted cucumbers, smoked sausage and fish, soy sauce, ketchup, rolls and cakes, packaged juices .

Step Two: Evaluate Calories

“Reduce your calorie intake” is the most common tip for dieters. Today there is no difficulty in understanding how many calories you consume per day – on the packages of all products there is relevant information, it is easy to find tables of calorie content of products on the Internet.

But nutritionists warn: it is important not only how many calories we consume, but also how they are consumed. For example, proteins are spent on breaking down fats. However, a sharp decrease in carbohydrate intake or a complete rejection of fats, as is the case in popular diets, leads to serious problems.

So what to do? Experts advise maintaining the natural balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, choosing those sources that are easier to absorb and faster spent by the body. Namely:

Proteins : eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, low-fat fish, chicken or turkey fillets.
Fats : olive oil, nuts.
Carbohydrates : cereals, peas, beans.


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