Psychologist Recommends How to Socialize during Self-isolation?

how to socialize during self-isolation

Psychologist Recommends How to Socialize during Self-isolation?

Psychologist Anna gave useful tips on what you can do at home.
People perceive self-isolation during quarantine in different ways. There are many tips on the net to spend this time profitably. It is worthwhile to understand that every day the human body is being reconstructed to a new schedule, therefore, in a confined space, people often have a feeling of anxiety that they have ceased to be useful and necessary to someone. Someone has a feeling of loneliness, but someone on the contrary becomes closely in the circle of close people. All this leads to family conflicts, or to a feeling of emptiness.

Man is a social being, therefore there is nothing to worry about in the sense of discomfort during quarantine. Today socialism told Anna how to socialize during self-isolation .

According to her, one of the most effective psychological methods of dealing with such a condition is the replacement method . Only doing your favorite thing you can escape from obsessive disturbing thoughts. But how to do your favorite things in isolation and not lose contact with others?

“I would recommend spending free time according to three irreplaceable areas of human activity,” Anna advises and explains what these areas are.

Since during self-isolation people are limited in contacts with their friends, colleagues, and sometimes close ones, one could recommend the following:

Make a list of friends, girlfriends and loved ones, which indicate the birthdays, as well as important dates, so as not to forget to congratulate them on time.
Call up important people in your life at least once every three days, while trying to listen to them as much as possible, and not torment them with stories only from your life.
Quarantine is a good time to tidy up your social networks, organize posts, write articles and blogs that your hands have not reached before.
You can also attend interesting online webinars and discuss topics that are relevant to you.


During quarantine, new forms of online learning became available. Free time can be used to study foreign languages, the basics of Internet marketing, healthy lifestyle practices. Also, the opportunity has become available to visit many museums and exhibitions online, to watch concerts of your favorite artists.

Any form of training, including the banal reading of books, should bring you pleasure, otherwise it is preferable to devote free time to your hobbies and interests.

Work is an important part of every person’s life, but do not forget that workaholism is a mental deviation. Perhaps quarantine is a good opportunity for a person to reassess their values.

If you really love your job, you will find the opportunity to do it at home, and if it is just a necessity for you to earn money for you, then during quarantine you will not miss your job responsibilities, but you will be haunted by a fear of being left without funds to existence.

“Remember, any crisis is an opportunity . Perhaps quarantine is your new opportunity to find yourself professionally. If you really set a goal to quarantine with new plans and goals, then devote your free time to drawing up a business plan, strategies and calculations. Any of your efforts made during this period will certainly be rewarded, “says Litvinchuk.

At the same time, the psychologist noted that in addition to personal hygiene, self-isolation should also include information hygiene . Do not panic, you should look at everything soberly and pragmatically, says Anna.

“The most important thing that I would like to recommend to people who are worried about something or who have a feeling of anxiety on their hearts is that time flies quickly, quarantine ends sooner or later, and then it will be insulting for wasted time, so put goals, make efforts, do not be lazy and everything will be “, – the psychologist summed up

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