Protect yourself from Coronavirus: How to Remove the Mask


Protect yourself from Coronavirus: How to Remove the Mask

We share three proven life hacks how not to get infected with the virus in the elevator.

Method 1
We take a lighter, an ordinary paper clip and scotch tape. The bottom line is to wind a paper clip to a lighter. The main thing is that the lighter can continue to fulfill its main function.

We press the desired floor with a paper clip attached to the lighter, then turn on the lighter and disinfect the paper clip with fire.

Method 2
We take the usual pen – either with a cap or on a button.

We press the handle of the handle on the button in the elevator, and then hide it either under the cap, or press the button (depending on which handle you took). The main thing is not to use these pens for work later.

Method 3
The idea is to make a hedgehog out of toothpicks and a kitchen sponge or other suitable material.

Then you can do a good deed for the whole entrance – to stick such a “hedgehog” on stationery tape near the elevator of your home or office. And every time you need to call the elevator, just take a toothpick and press a button on it, and then throw it away.

Safely remove protective mask and gloves.
The mask and gloves that protect us when we go out become enemies number one upon returning home. You came from the street and think you can finally relax. Now imagine how many dangers you brought home with gloves and a face shield. They are the main distributor of viruses.

How to remove gloves:
First, we remove the other with one glove. And immediately it is important to crush the removed glove and discard.

To remove the second glove, you need to hook it with your bare hand from the inside – from the inside. Turn out and throw away too.

Remember, a surgical mask lives only two hours. Then you need to throw it in the trash.

You can use a respirator for a little longer – 6 hours.

Only fabric masks can be reused. But only after washing and processing with a hot iron. For the day you need to change 3 fabric masks.

The main rules for how to behave after returning home from the street:
Do not touch the railing in the stairwell, elevator buttons and doors with bare hands.

Before entering the apartment, treat your hands with a disinfector.

Allocate a separate place in the house for bags, backpacks, outerwear and keys so that they do not come into contact with other things. This place is sanitized daily.

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