How to Prevent Salt Deposition: Basic Recommendations of Specialists

How to prevent salt deposition: basic recommendations of specialists

How to Prevent Salt Deposition: Basic Recommendations of Specialists

The assertion that prevention is the best way to cure is perfectly applicable to problems caused by salt deposition. To prevent the accumulation of excess salts is much easier than to remove them, doctors say.

What are the main measures for the prevention of disorders of water-salt metabolism? How to find out: will there be salt deposits in the body or is it able to independently cope with excess salts? What factors can tip the scales in one direction or another?

There are two key factors that have a decisive effect on the state of metabolic processes:

– genetic predisposition;

– a balanced diet.

A genetic predisposition consists in hereditary metabolic disorders, leading to incomplete oxidation and assimilation of some components of the protein. The consequence of this is the deposition of salts. Unfortunately, while people have not learned how to correct genetic defects, however, as they say, “he who is warned is armed”. Knowing the weaknesses of your body allows you to significantly reduce the likelihood of metabolic disturbances using well-organized nutrition.

The main method of preventing the accumulation of salts is proper nutrition. Since the source of excess salts, as a rule, is protein food that is not absorbed by the body, we need to help the body fully digest and assimilate the proteins that come with it, and maintain its water-salt balance. To do this, you must follow these recommendations:

1. Limit the use of spicy, pickled appetizers and pickles.

2. Watch the amount of protein food you absorb daily. Reduce your fat intake. Do not get involved in foods such as fatty meat, fish and offal (liver, brain, kidneys).

3. Make it a rule to combine meat and vegetable salads. This contributes to better digestion of protein products.

4. Try to keep fewer spices, sauces, tomato paste and ketchup, as well as dishes made from puff pastry on your table.

5. If possible, do not drink food with plenty of fluids.

In addition, an active lifestyle, a reasonable exercise in physical education and sports, regular massage courses and physiotherapeutic procedures, as well as traditional medicine will help prevent salt deposits. More often pass the necessary examinations and consult your doctor.

However, without following a diet, with a disordered and inappropriate diet, all these measures will not give a positive result. Therefore, in order to achieve a good quality of your life, take nutrition responsibly and seriously. And in response to the care shown, the body will thank you with excellent health and vigorous well-being

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