How to Choose a Pillow for Comfortable Sleep?

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How to Choose a Pillow for Comfortable Sleep?

A pillow plays a significant role in getting a good night’s rest. With the wrong choice of pillows, you can permanently get headaches, aching in the back and neck.

Thickness matters
Everyone knows that a pillow can be higher or lower. It seems that to understand which pillow will be more comfortable is possible only through trial and error. But no, your impressions depend more on your favorite sleeping position. To keep your neck healthy, choose a wider pillow to rest on your side, if you sleep on your back or stomach more flat.

Perfect size
The most common two sizes are 70×70 cm and 50×70 cm. Frankly, the 70×70 pillow is a Soviet relic. But if the habit is second nature – bedding with such pillowcases in the kit is still quite realistic to buy. But let’s think logically, during sleep, do you move from side to side or from top to bottom? So a modern 50 to 70 pillow is enough for a comfortable sleep. This size is easier to find a set of beautiful bedding and such a pillow will be cheaper. After all, it will take less tissue and filler.

Cover fabric
Of course, the choice is best given to natural fabrics. Choose a dense fabric, especially if you prefer feather filler. Dense fabric will not allow fluff and feathers to come out, and will also smooth out the irregularities with which such pillows sin. If the pillow is filled with more modern materials, a dense fabric will become a guarantee of durability.

Filler difference
There are several options. When choosing a feather-down pillow, pay attention to elasticity. The pillow should be soft enough, but quickly restore its shape after pressing.

Pillows with synthetic filling are most often made of polyester. In the case of a pillow, there is nothing wrong with synthetics. Such a pillow “breathes”, is relatively cheap, and can easily withstand washing. Of course, you can’t pass it on by inheritance. They lose their shape faster and are not subject to restoration, unlike feather ones. But due to the possibility of washing, it is this type of allergy that is preferred.

Now on the modern market there are pillows with silk filling. This is truly a “Ferrari” in the world of pillows. Such pillows do not cause allergies and they are very durable. But silk is a rather expensive material, and so far only manual manufacturing is possible. Therefore, the price of “Ferrari” is appropriate.

Last test before purchase
And now, remembering your favorite sleeping position, feeling the fabric and deciding on the filler, you stand with a pillow in your hands. Do not rush to carry it to the cashier. Lay on a flat surface and push with both hands. The resulting recess should recover in about 5 seconds. Second test: take the pillow at one corner and shake it, if all the filler has fallen down and occupies only half of the breastplate, then it’s not enough there and you better choose another option.

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