Garlic & Onions help to Prevent Breast Cancer by Scientists


Garlic & Onions help to Prevent Breast Cancer by Scientists

Breast cancer, unfortunately, have become quite common in the modern world. Doctors give different advice to women how to try to prevent a terrible disease. This time, Western scientists have proposed a new way.

The beneficial properties of onions and garlic have been known since ancient times. Now, scientists from the United States and Puerto Rico have discovered that these products help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. The main author of the study, Gauri Desai, said that sofito sauce is very popular in Puerto Rico, the main ingredients of which are onions and garlic. Local women are happy to eat this sauce and season them with dishes, and it is their risk of developing cancer that is reduced by 67 percent. This conclusion was made by scientists from this Latin American country.

Another specialist, Lina Mu, explained that garlic and onions are rich in flavonoids and organosulfur compounds, which exhibit anticarcinogenic properties in both humans and animals. These data are based on a study conducted from 2008 to 2014 among nearly four hundred patients diagnosed with breast cancer, writes the portal Nutrition and Cancer.

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