Fish oil Can Help to Prevent Heart Attacks


Fish oil Can Help to Prevent Heart Attacks

Research has shown that vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids effectively prevent heart attacks. Moreover, these nutrients can also be used to protect against malignant neoplasms.

Not the first century, mankind has been aware of the beneficial properties of fish oil, but science is receiving ever new evidence of the amazingly positive effect it has on our bodies. U.S. scientists have observed 26,000 men and women who have shown that omega-3 fatty acids, i.e. fish oil, as well as vitamin D, have the potential to reduce cancer mortality and heart attacks. Previously, researchers also came to similar conclusions, but their results were, so to speak, ambiguous. Now, scientists have conducted a detailed meta-analysis, which confirmed the positive effect of these nutrients.

On average, observations lasted about 5 years. It was established that omega-3 fatty acids showed a not very significant, but significant reduction in mortality from cardiovascular diseases, while their effect on reducing mortality from heart attacks was most impressive. The greatest benefit was received by people who ate oily fish with a frequency of 1.5 servings per week. If the fish in the diet was smaller, then this did not significantly affect the protection against heart disease.

If supplements with vitamin D practically did not reduce mortality from cardiovascular diseases and the number of cases of cancer, then they had a positive effect on reducing mortality from cancer. Further, the effect of this vitamin on mortality rates of cancer patients was confirmed during another meta-analysis

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