Fast Foods can Cause Depression in Teens


Fast Foods can Cause Depression in Teens

American scientists from the University of Alabama talked about products that can cause depression in adolescents. The list of specialists included popular fast foods containing potassium and sodium.

The study examined the data of 84 adolescents. Participant urine tests showed high sodium and low potassium. This group had more symptoms indicating depression, unlike their peers. A similar imbalance of substances in the body can occur as a result of eating processed foods. A low potassium content means that a person eats very few fresh fruits and vegetables.

Due to potassium deficiency and an excess of magnesium, a teenager may experience depression. Experts advise to make the diet more diverse and eat more spinach, yoghurts, oranges, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, salmon. Visits to cafes or restaurants should be limited or abandoned. Potassium-rich foods have a positive effect on adolescent mental health.

Experts noted: nutrition should be regular, in the diet, proteins should be 50-60% of animal origin. Teenagers should receive fats from cheese, nuts, sour cream, butter. It is recommended to eat fish, red meat 2 times a week. It is important for a teenager to get the amount of calories that will cover his energy consumption during the day.

The results of scientific work allowed scientists to discover only the relationship between sodium content and depression. In the future, researchers plan to study the issue of the cause of depression in adolescence.

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