Are Dried Fruits So useful as we Think


Are Dried Fruits So useful as we Think

Nutritionists advise replacing confectionery with dried fruits, but forget to mention that even natural foods can harm the body.

It would seem that it can be more beneficial for the organizer than dried fruits? The product contains a large amount of fiber, which stimulates the digestion and metabolism. In addition, vitamins and minerals in dried plums, apricots and grapes contain more than in fresh fruits. But it turns out that not all dried fruits are equally healthy.

Sugar content

By and large, the biggest natural disadvantage of dried fruits is that when dried, the sugar concentration in fruits and berries increases significantly. That is, for example, 100 g of fresh apricots contain 50 kcal, while already in dried apricots there are 200 – 250 kcal. In addition, do not lose sight of allergies. For example, dried citrus fruits can cause a severe allergic reaction. But this feature of dried foods does not affect the state of the body as much as the external impact, namely: chemical treatment.

Chemical Dried Fruits

Chemicals are often used in order to extend the shelf life of dried fruits and achieve an attractive appearance. True, such a danger is not all dried treats. How to distinguish a healthy product from a harmful one and make the right choice in favor of healthy food?

Voluntarily – perforce, first of all, we are attracted by the appearance of the product, and only then we think about its quality. But, unfortunately, the bright color and external beauty are not the guarantee of a good condition of the product. The grapes and apricots collected are processed with sulfur dioxide, after which the dried apricots acquire a bright orange color, and the raisins from light grapes become amber-yellow.

Although sulfur dioxide is contained in dried fruits a little, you should still refuse to use products containing it. And for asthmatics, this substance can become the strongest allergen.

Another suspicious sign may be the strange taste of prunes and dried apricots. Drying plums naturally, in the sun or in the shade is very difficult, they quickly turn sour. To speed up the process, they are dried in gasoline or gas ovens. At the exit of dried apricots, prunes and raisins acquire a taste of gasoline.

So, as experience shows, it is not nature who makes the dried fruit, but, alas, the producer, therefore, when buying a favorite treat, you should pay more attention, and most importantly, remember the basic, though paradoxical rule: the less beauty in the product, the more useful it is.

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