Coronavirus may Jeopardize iPhone 5G Release


Coronavirus may Jeopardize iPhone 5G Release

The release of new iPhone models with 5G support may not take place due to the coronavirus. Apple fears that the virus will reduce global demand for its products, reports Capital .

According to the data, the release of new models with 5G support was originally planned by Apple for September this year. However, due to supply problems, and also due to lower demand, output may shift by a couple of months, or even by a longer period.

It is noted that Apple is already a year behind its two largest competitors – Samsung and Huawei – which already presented their smartphones with support for 5G smartphones. At the moment, the “apple company” is closely monitoring the situation with coronavirus and evaluates the risks. Apple will make the final decision on the release of new devices closer to May.

Recall that in late January, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company will not show the world its achievements in the 5G area soon. According to him, Apple has too ambitious ambitions to try to realize them with the help of existing 5G technologies.

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