Fasting Days : Instructions for Use

Diet "5: 2" - a system of alternating normal and half-starved days, where you can lose weight up to 10 pounds per month. We figured out how to arrange serious fasting days and feel healthy. Diet 5: 2 was developed by British dietitian Michael Mosley and journalist Mimi Spencer. The bottom line is that five...

Sweets are Necessary for our body

Why Sweets are Necessary for our Body

Limiting yourself to sweets is not at all useful, even dangerous to your health. We will tell you why you need to include sugar-containing foods in your diet. Increase your chances of getting pregnant If your immediate plans for the future include happy motherhood, most likely doctors will advise you not to neglect vitamin E, it...


5 Easy Ways you can Slow Down the Aging

Aging is seen by many people as a frightening phenomenon, undesirable. To slow it down is real. It is enough to start to adhere to the methods listed below right from today. Good digestion Proper operation of the gastrointestinal tract will help the body to get all the necessary nutrients, trace elements, vitamins. The failure of...