7 Easy Ways to Get Closer to Nature

7 ways to get closer to nature

7 Easy Ways to Get Closer to Nature

When you live in a stone jungle, it is sometimes difficult to maintain well-being. However, it is possible to get closer to nature even if your house is not surrounded by forests and mountains.

City life is a constant stress that we no longer notice out of habit, living on autopilot day after day. We all need detox from time to time. From time to time you need to “ground”, arrange yourself a physical and emotional discharge and give the body a break from the crazy rhythm of life. The best way to regain awareness and relieve accumulated stress is to be in nature. We tell you how to recharge with the power of nature when there is no way to escape from the stone jungle.

Start a home garden
Indoor plants enliven the decoration of the house, clean and refresh the air, improve sleep, positively affect the mood. Add here the soothing effect of green color – and you will get a far from complete list of reasons why you just need your own mini-greenhouse in the city. Choose a flower to your liking and take care of it: it pacifies and helps to find harmony.

If you already have flowers, give them a small shower, wipe the leaves, loosen the ground, remove dry twigs. Plants will be very grateful to you for this.

In addition, herbs can be grown at home, such as rosemary, sage, thyme, nim or tulasi – and all year round you will have fresh herbs on hand. Beautiful pots will fit well into any interior: pick the right ones and they will add charm to the design of your home.

Put a humidifier
Humidity affects both health and beauty. Too much air spoils the skin and hair, provokes allergy attacks and adversely affects immunity. By installing a humidifier, it is possible to achieve optimal humidity – 40-60%.

Use essential oils
Depending on the ingredients, essential oils have bactericidal, disinfectant, soothing or invigorating properties, they are used for cosmetic purposes, and in aromatherapy, and for home care. Natural oils can be used with aroma lamps, in nebulizers or for sachets. They relieve fatigue, help fight stress and the common cold, and work like aphrodisiacs.

For example, vanilla calms the nervous system and improves sleep, ginger and citrus fruits have an antibacterial effect, positively affect the immune system and help to concentrate, wormwood relieves stress and brightens the mind. To get an energy boost for the whole day, add a few drops of peppermint or orange oil in the morning in the bath; to relax in the evening and tune in a romantic mood, light the aroma lamp with patchouli.

Do breathing exercises

By performing breathing exercises, you help your body cells become saturated with oxygen, which we so lack in stuffy megacities. No wonder breathing techniques are actively used in yoga, psychology, all kinds of body & mind directions and more and more popular awareness practices. Proper breathing helps maintain emotional balance, improves well-being and regulates many internal processes in the body ( see also: “Respiratory gymnastics: a“ lazy ”way to lose weight” ).

Exercise 1

Stand straight, legs apart in a comfortable position, hands freely along the body. Spread your shoulders, neck, raise your head, “crunch”. Imagine that your body is an elastic, straight arrow pointing up. Now close your eyes and imagine that this arrow is hollow inside and two energy flows pass through it: from bottom to top and from top to bottom. Start breathing deeply through your stomach through your nose. With each breath you “draw” the lower stream of energy into you, with each breath you freely let the upper stream into you. Take 12 such breaths-exhalations, the last – with your stomach and chest. Open your eyes, stretch your arms up above your head, stand on tiptoe and stretch yourself well, straining all your muscles.

If possible, do this exercise barefoot. When you’re done, it’s not superfluous to drink a glass of warm water.

Exercise 2

Sit on the edge of the chair, put your elbows on your knees, squeeze your right hand into a fist and grab it from above with your left hand. Place your forehead on your folded arms and think about something nice. Start breathing smoothly – inhale-exhale. About halfway in, hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then end the breath and exhale slowly. The next breath is without delay, alternate breaths with and without delay, the exhalation is always smooth and as full as possible. Breathe through your stomach through your nose. The lead time is 5-10 minutes.

By the way, this exercise will also help if you are drawn to fast carbohydrates against the background of stress and strain. Instead of rolls, which will be deposited on the sides, it is better to do breathing exercises. After this exercise, after 20 minutes you can have a healthy snack or drink a glass of juice.

Any breathing exercises should be performed with caution during menstruation, pregnancy and with problems with pressure.

Add light

Another problem in large cities is the lack of sunlight, which serves as the main source of energy for all living things. We spend most of the time indoors, hence the violation of natural rhythms, lack of vitamin D, mood swings, apathy, restless sleep, increased anxiety, poor complexion, and a whole bunch of other unpleasant symptoms. If it is not possible to walk outdoors more often, then you can install light therapy lamps at home, which simulate sunlight due to a specially tuned spectrum and brightness level.

Disassemble the trash
Each thing is fraught with energy that can positively or negatively affect a person. The space around us reflects our inner state, which is why it is so important to maintain order at home and surround ourselves with “right” things. The house should be the place where we can relax both body and soul. The mess, dirt, and tons of junk are unlikely to cause anything other than annoyance, and a good cleaning will put in order not only your home, but also your life, changing it for the better. At the same time, conscious cleaning is not an end in itself, but a tool that helps you to tune in to positive.

When parting with a thing, we let go of the situation with which it is connected, and this is correct, because, saying goodbye to the old, we make room for the new. Only really necessary things and things that bring joy should remain in your house.

Recently, healthy lifestyles adherents all talk about the life-giving power of superfruits, which have become a new trend in conscious nutrition. Superfoods are products with a high concentration of nutrients. They contain vitamins and minerals that protect the body from diseases and strengthen immunity ( see also: “11 major superfoods: how and why they are” ). You can find products with superfoods in various well-known brands, for example, Rich recently released a line of Rich Superfruits juices, which include superfruits – spinach, acai berries and acerola.

When compiling your daily diet, add more fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs to the menu. At the same time, try to observe seasonality and the principle of geographical conformity. Such an approach will help to maintain health and full functionality in a technogenic environment.

Refusing food with a minimum nutritional value and listening to your own body, you will learn to eat intuitively without constant stress due to the rejection of goodies.

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