5 Myths about Permanent Makeup that you Still Believe in


5 Myths about Permanent Makeup that you Still Believe in

They dislike him and try to avoid him – but, perhaps, in vain? We debunk the most popular misconceptions about permanent makeup.

It seems that the makeup that remains on your face 24/7, at a minimum, requires a lot of money and, as a maximum, costs the skin health and beauty.

1. Tattooing looks unnatural

Perhaps earlier, 10-15 years ago, tattooing looked elaborate and not too natural, but times have changed. Today in permanent make-up exactly the same rules apply as in other areas of aesthetic medicine, and the most important of them is the desire for naturalness.

That is why the most popular techniques today are shading, powder spraying, hair tattooing (for eyebrows). All these techniques are primarily aimed at giving the beauty image a natural effect. In addition, in choosing a pigment, a specialist, as a rule, focuses on the appearance of the client and selects tones that are as close as possible to his natural shades ( see also : “Makeup without makeup: 6 main techniques” ).

The tattooing procedure allows not only adding brightness to the image, but also eliminating visual imperfections, making eyebrows thicker, lips full, eliminating asymmetry, pigmentation, post-acne, scars and even postoperative scars.

2. Soreness of the procedure

This factor is greatly exaggerated. Currently, to create permanent make-up, equipment with a delicate action is used that penetrates deeply into the skin, but does not injure nerve endings and blood vessels. It is also worth considering that permanent makeup is done under local anesthesia.

The soreness of the procedure can be increased during menstruation, so if it is superimposed on your trip to the salon, it is better to transfer the tattoo. After the procedure, it is necessary to strictly observe the prescription of a specialist – remember that in the area of ​​the skin that has undergone tattooing, in any case there is a crust that does not need to be touched. She will depart on her own about 4-6 days after the tattoo on the eyelids and eyebrows and 3 days after the tattoo on the lips.

3. Tattooing, like a tattoo, lasts a lifetime

In fact, these are completely different procedures, and the coloring pigments that are used for permanent makeup have a completely different basis, and they are introduced under the skin by only 0.5 mm (unlike tattoos with 2-3 mm subcutaneously, which also contributes to the duration of the effect), therefore, each type of tattoo has its own “expiration date”.

So, for example, tattoo lasts a maximum of 2 years on the eyebrows, from 3 to 5 years on the lips. Arrows, to create which iron oxide was used as an ingredient, – up to 2 years. Arrows with pigment based on Carbon Black will delight their owner for about 10 years. Therefore, permanent makeup in most cases needs regular correction and updating.

4. This is a harmful procedure.

Coloring pigments for permanent make-up are absolutely safe: mineral components are used in their manufacture, and the fact that coloring pigments have a short “shelf life” once again proves their harmlessness. In addition, during tattooing, the pigment is introduced into the upper layer of the skin by only 0.5 mm, so it does not have any negative effect on the body.

5. Tattooing is an expensive pleasure

If you take into account that the makeup composition needs to be changed at least once every six months, and mascara – once every 2-3 months, this statement does not sound so convincing. Let us add to all of the above the costs of makeup removers, which also need regular updates once a month, and permanent makeup no longer seems an expensive procedure ( see also : “How to understand that it’s time to throw out cosmetics” ). In reality, it helps to save – not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time. A nice bonus: with permanent make-up in any life situation, you will always be fully equipped, and it costs a lot, given the modern pace of life and the chronic lack of time for almost everything, especially for personal care and make-up.

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