10 Habits that will Help you to Lose Weight in a Week

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10 Habits that will Help you to Lose Weight in a Week

A simple and proven way to lose weekly from one kilogram painlessly and permanently.

1. The habit of drinking water after waking up
The importance of water has been said enough. But in this case, it’s not even a matter of combating dehydration (although 8-9 hours of sleep without drinking is not a joke). For Japanese women, who are famous for their harmony and longevity, drinking water immediately after waking up is a mandatory ritual, along with brushing your teeth and washing. So, just take an example from Japanese women and introduce a new habit that activates the metabolic processes in the body and prepares your gastrointestinal tract for work.

2. The habit of always having breakfast
This is a habit that needs to be developed once and for all. Breakfast is the most important meal. During a night’s sleep, your body managed to get hungry and skipping breakfast for him is stress that will provoke a slowdown in metabolism, and that’s all. what you eat next, your body will try to postpone for the future. Just in case.

Breakfast awakens the body, starts the gastrointestinal tract. Metabolism is accelerated and calories are not deposited on the sides. It is in this first meal that you can afford more than in all subsequent ones, almost with impunity. Of course, we are talking about a morning meal. If you sleep in bed before noon, the rule of a hearty breakfast is canceled.

3. The habit is every 3-4 hours
Hunger is the first enemy of harmony. With a feeling of hunger it is not even recommended to go to the grocery store – with a probability of 99.9% you will buy there more than you need. But sitting down at the table with this feeling is all the more impossible. You will have time to overeat before you realize that you have overdone it. The optimal breaks between meals – 3-4 hours. At the same time, a serving at one time should not exceed 300 grams (which is not difficult if you eat with such a frequency). Yes, this means a departure from the classic “first, second and compote.” Change the habit. Eating is considered not only breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also light snacks.

4. The habit of controlling salt intake
Salt not only retains water in the body, which in itself adds to the body both weight and volume. The main problem of salt is that it is a powerful stimulant of appetite. Salty dishes, of course, are habitually identified by our taste buds as more delicious, and therefore it is more difficult for us to stop on time. But remember that young children eat food without salt and sugar. Moreover, until a certain time, many children do not tolerate salty foods. Addiction to it occurs gradually. And just as you can turn the situation around. Develop the habit of less salt what you eat. Or not salt at all.

5. The habit of drinking tea without sugar
Great if you already have such a habit. However, most of us have been used to drinking sweet tea since childhood (hello to kindergartens and schools, where the option “tea without sugar just does not exist). If you continue to throw at least one piece of sugar in your cup, or sweeten the tea with sweeteners, relearn. We recall that tea is a healthy drink that has historically been prepared without the addition of sugar. Read more about tea and its excellent properties, love the taste of natural tea, not spoiled by sweetness. You cannot drink black tea without sweetening it, then discover oolong tea. It is easier to drink without sugar, and most importantly – it is considered one of the products that affect the metabolism of lipids in the body. Simply put, it helps burn excess fat.

6. The habit of taking food to work with you
Such a habit is necessary in order to learn how to control the amount of fat, salt and sugar entering the body. Having lunch in a cafe, restaurant, or buying ready-made food in cooking, you cannot be sure that this food is prepared in accordance with all the rules of a healthy diet. Most often, in purchased food, even in salads, there are much more hidden fats and salt than we would like. Learn how to plan your snacks and meals in the office. Buy yourself beautiful portioned lunch boxes (their choice is impressive today) and a neoprene bag for transporting them. Thinking through food on a working day can become not only a good habit, but also allow you not to overpay for meals, which only add centimeters to your waist.

7. The habit of keeping healthy snacks at work
No matter how we plan our meals for the day, no one is safe from force majeure. Trite, you can forget your lunch box at home and stay without lunch. In such a situation, the most dangerous thing is to go on an empty stomach to the nearest cooking or cafe. Accustom yourself to keep something in the workplace that can be a useful alternative to harmful snacking. One of our colleagues, for example, holds on her table a beautiful round vase in which fresh apples always lie. Another Marie Claire editor always has several correct bars of natural ingredients in the drawer. And in the editorial refrigerator you can find kefir and low-fat cottage cheese.

8. The habit of doing a “test for a glass of water”
Sometimes we begin to experience hunger just an hour or two after eating. And we grab hold of the snack. However, most nutritionists agree that we often confuse hunger with thirst. That is, when it seems to us that we are hungry, in fact, our body wants to drink. This “misunderstanding” leads to overeating (and at the same time, does not solve the problem of chronic dehydration). The easiest way to make sure that you understand your body correctly is to drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes (preferably doing some business that is not related to food). If during this time the feeling of hunger has not passed, most likely, your body really needs new calories. However, most often after 20 minutes you don’t even remember that you wanted to put something in your mouth, and calmly live until the next scheduled meal.

9. The habit of using a pedometer
Download any tracker pedometer to your smartphone that will show you how much you are moving. It doesn’t matter if it is not too precise. Believe me, this is in any case a great motivation to walk more and more often. Or buy any cute pedometer (the design of this gadget can now be found for every taste – from a bracelet to a keychain or a finger ring). Seeing the number of steps taken daily, of course, you will want to set records and overcome yourself, pacing more and more kilometers. And so close to the abandonment of elevators, cars, and maybe even opt for a bicycle. Kilograms will not just go away, but melt away.

10. The habit of walking before lunch
Use your lunch break to walk at least 20 minutes. Even workaholics have an hour off. From it, highlight the first third on the promenade. According to numerous studies, a short walk before eating helps to curb hunger, as physical activity in the fresh air restores the sensitivity of brain cells, which helps them better control their needs (including hunger and satiety).

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